Artificial Intelligence(AI) To Change The industries

Artificial Intelligence(AI) To Change The industries

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Artificial Intelligence(AI) To Change The industries

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in this era of technological advancements where each and everything somewhere or the other is dependent on technology. Technical giants such as Google, Apple, etc. are spending a fortune on Artificial Intelligence which is sure to change the face of this world. Artificial Intelligence, when embedded completely in the Hotel Industry, will give it a grand makeover and which shall bring about a massive transformation in the entire industry.

Imagine your customer being greeted by a Personal Assistant as soon as he enters your Hotel Room. What can be fascinating to your customer than this?

Artificial Intelligence is the fourth industrial revolution which is bound to change the entire scene how business is being operated and looked at. It has become an integral part of a business and it is going to bring about some major changes in the entire industry.

Its high time AI enters the hospitality sector where it can definitely make a space for itself and can help hoteliers boost their services.AI along with Machine Learning can bring about a revolution in the sector which has heavily relied on manual labor.

Which Hotels have already started working on it?

Hilton, an American Hospitality Company, has adopted CONNIE which is able to provide tourist information to those guests who interact with it. The most impressive part about it is that it readily adapts to individuals and is able to learn from the human speech. EDWARD, a chatbot developed by Edwardian Hotels, gives its guests the leisure to interact with it, for service anytime anywhere.

Hoteliers have now understood the advantage of AI in their business set-up and the wide range of things that it brings to their tables.

Hotels are also using intelligent personal assistant such as Alexa, Siri, etc. which helps to give their customers the seamless experience of enjoying luxury powered by a deeply integrated technology. Hotels surely have to go big on Artificial Intelligence if they want to be a part of this great reformation.

Other than the Hotels and the tech-giants there are also other software companies who are working on AI and coming up with their own intelligent innovation and looking forward to being a part of this entire transformation. One such company is BookingJini, a product based software company which is coming up with its own intelligent chatbot LISA which stands for Lexical Integrated Syntax Analyser. It is an artificial intelligence bot that shows the way how a technologically advanced robot or a software thinks and answers intelligently and interacts with people on real-time basis and helps them out. It works on deep learning neural networks which will help it to recognize the commands given by the customers and give them suitable answers.

“ LISA is going to be one of the most phenomenal technologies which the Hotel Industry is going to witness.It basically cuts the barriers between the website visitors and website by allowing them to chat with the website directly.” as said by the Founder, BookingJini.

Hotels are losing viewership on their websites because of the absence of means by which a customer’s queries are being answered. If the hotels set up a Live Chat Service for answering the customer’s service, they cannot do it 24×7 because the person entrusted with the task cannot sit there the whole day and talk to customers. This is where the role of the intelligent Chat Bots comes into play. They are there to interact with the customers 24×7 and thus help the hotels to build trust in the customer’s mind and boost their viewership and thus in a way increases the Hotel’s Business.

“ LISA will help to increase the Hotel website’s viewership by at least 20x and thus increasing their Direct Bookings. It will also help the Hotel Visitors by answering their queries, whether it is regarding the nearest tourist sites or nearest attractions. LISA has all the answers.” as said by the CTO, BookingJini.

Certainly, they all are gearing up for the evolution that’s going to take place and they all want to contribute to it some or the other way.

What does AI actually bring to the table?

Artificial Intelligence if integrated into the Hotel’s Customer Service and Data Analytics will help the Hotels to efficiently manage the services given to customers with the help of the intelligent personal assistant. A customer can easily book services with the help of the Personal Assistants which have been updated with the current position of the services. This increases efficiency on the part of the hotels and a greater accessibility to all the facilities which are in store for the customers.

Artificial Intelligence facilitated by Machine Learning have it in them to change the entire face of the Hotel Industry by customizing the customer’s experience from the moment he sets foot into the Hotel and till the time he leaves.

Here, comes the concept of SmartRooms.

As everything is on the path of becoming smart and smarter then why not implement it in the Hotel Industry. SmartRooms is the future where the customer walks into his room and is greeted by a personal assistant and just like any other assistant takes care of all the needs of the customer, the only difference being that it is digital.

Suppose, the customer wants to order some food, he just has to speak to his assistant and freshly prepared delicious food will be at his doorsteps in no time. It can convert a guest’s hotel room into his own office space if he is on a business trip and forgets to carry his laptop along with him.The personal assistant can access his email or web-based folder in the cloud, download important documents or presentations, and help him alter or refine them as he instructs, verbally, screened on the wall in front of you, to view. So basically, the room becomes his workplace, where he can send emails, without saving or leaking passwords.

Artificial Intelligence enhances your ability to optimize and customize your customer experience. It will completely change the way the Hotel Industry works and the things which are being imagined if conceived will definitely give us an industry which is completely automated with a high level of efficiency.

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