Digital India showcase fails

Digital India showcase fails

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Digital India showcase fails

Digital India showcase fails: No free Wi-Fi at most sites in Belagavi

BELAGAVI: The free Wi-Fi service which was started a year ago at public places under the central government’s Digital Indiaprogramme is now defunct as people are unable to access internet.

The internet access at Belagavi City Corporation, DC’s office, court compound and district hospital has completely stopped. However, the service is available at railway station, but passengers cannot get free Wi-Fi signal on their phone.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched his ambitious Digital India project at remote locations across the country to promote cashless transcations and e-governance. Following his initiative, Belagavi MP Suresh Angadi launched the first free Wi-Fi service at railway station. Later, it was started at BCC, district hospital, court compound and the deputy commissioner’s office in collaboration with BSNL.

Angadi had also planned to start free services at the central bus terminus, APMC and other frequented areas so that people can start using Internet via smart phones to pay and accept bills online. But like many other government initiatives, the authorities failed to keep the service functioning all the time.

Ramnath Varpe, who sells tea at court compound, said, “Since free internet was available here, I had bought a smartphone and also started accepting tea bills via Paytm app. But I have stopped now as there is no free internet. I can’t spend Rs 500 for internet to accept bills. People, too, are not that enthusiastic to pay bills digitally, he said.

Angadi said, “I have not received any complaints regarding the non-functioning of Wi-Fi service and officials, too, have not brought it to my notice. However, I will visit all these locations and check the service. We will take measures to restart the free Wi-Fi service,” he said.

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